Open Doors – a Forgotten Australian's story

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One take. One night. One lonely room.

Sixty-five years after leaving the orphanage, Bill is back where he started. He thought he’d left that world behind him, but he is faced with a terrifying reality.

Cast: Don Bridges, Clare Pickering
Writer, Producer and Director: Farshid Akhlaghi
Assistant Director: Shayan Salehian
Sound Recordist and Sound designer: Markus Kellow
Gaffer: Wye Keen Wong
Director of Photography: Farshid Akhlaghi
Make-up Artist: Jess Jenkins
Stills Photographer: Christopher Chan
Executive Producers: Caroline Carroll, Boris Kaspiev, Simon Gardiner
Produced by the Alliance for Forgotten Australians and Mana Butterfly Productions.

Bill (Don Bridges)

Trish (Clare Pickering)

Behind the scenes (Clare Pickering)

Behind the scenes (Caroline Carroll, Executive Producer)

Behind the scenes (Farshid Akhlagi and Wye Keen Wong)

Farshid Akhlaghi (writer, producer and director)